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Born and raised in Akron’s Ward 8, Shammas attended Firestone High School and participated in the IB program, which helped him earn a scholarship to The Ohio State University. At Ohio State, Shammas studied Political Science and International Studies. He then went on to graduate cum laude from Harvard Law School. 

After finishing his law degree, Shammas moved home to Akron to make a difference in the community that made such an impact on him. Shammas has spent the past two years as an Assistant Director of Law in the City of Akron Law Department, working on a variety of issues including economic development, public safety, and the opioid epidemic. He has worked with councilmembers on drafting and implementing legislation, including Akron's comprehensive non-discrimination ordinance.

Shammas is running for Akron City Council in Ward 8 in order to help build a stronger and more equitable community. He hopes to focus on the core of what local government does - public safety and infrastructure - and to work at improving economic opportunity and education. Shammas has been endorsed by Mayor Dan Horrigan and current Ward 8 Councilwoman Marilyn Keith.

Shammas is also involved in a number of community organizations, including Torchbearers and the Akron Bar Association. He enjoys watching Cleveland sports, running, and binge-watching TV dramas.